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United by Tea


Moving in a single line formation

Through a ‘tang rasta’

Keeping a sharp eye out

on approaching a Built up Area

The party commander signals his team

Who quickly take position

Quick march to measured movement,

their steps in unison

Some children watch in silent wonder;

these magicians’ sleight of hand,

a neat little bag, camouflaged of course,

disappearing just as planned!

The men folk too surreptitiously watch;

a buddy pair slink into the thicket

while the rest of the team take up position,

establishing their pickets

In the silence of the eve...

Much to the chagrin of the elders;

two children bound towards the thicket

as troops watch from their shelters.

There, a muffled smoke emanates,

From a discreetly lit fire.

A while now it’s been

and the consequences could be dire...

But just in a few moments,

two cherubs emerging, we see,

Grinning a toothy smile

Clutching a cup of tea

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