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Engrossed in your daily immaterial mundane travails,

Life is ebbing away, O mortal passer by;

My unadulterated pure love and beauty is all yours to avail,

Come to me, before you finally wither away and die.

For I am the perpetual yearning of your immortal soul,

I am the longing of your lonely and wounded heart;

I am here and now, waiting, to partake you whole,

Love me once, and you shall never ever stay apart.

Leave all your irrelevant worldy woes aside,

Let your smooth, silky and shiny hair down;

Amidst my buxom bosom soft and yielding, for some time reside,

In pure ocean of bliss, immerse yourself, and drown.

Ignite your desire and love me with all your passion,

Enjoy all the myriad ecstatic realms that I have to offer;

Forget all your entangled and warped logic and contorted reason,

Let my pretty virgin ravines be your chauffer.

These beautiful ephemeral passing moments,

Shall never come back ever;

So relax, laugh and enjoy, sans any iota of lament,

And savour my indelible and alluring beauty, forever.

For I am the Vale of Kashmir – verily, the paradise on earth,

Full of snow clad peaks and lush meadows green;

My cascading rivers and effervescent waterfalls - listen to their mirth,

Get enchanted by my radiant flowers and meandering streams.

I was created by the mighty Gods you know, mirroring their heaven,

I am eternal – always here - before you came and after you finally depart;

I am timeless pretty bountiful nature, forever resplendent,

I shall be here always waiting – with only love in my heart.

I beckon all you transient lovers, from near and distant lands,

Come, love me, and experience my exotic magical charm;

Enjoy my numerous indelible pristine vistas grand,

In me your heart shall find solace, courtesy, my eternal imperishable love warm.

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