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Saviours of Peace


The day misfortune had descended upon the holy land,

Skies turned crimson with stains of red spread around.

Even the heavens would have wept their eyes dry,

Witnessing the carnage and not even a soul to cry.

Enveloped in smoke and blanket of ash layered upon,

No signs of life and humanity thereupon.

Darkest of the nights surrounded by the devil

Laying over the pool of red

and my abode torched by the evil

It was catastrophe lead by those who were

never mine

Was breathing my last yet praying for the

intervention of the divine

Lighting struck from the skies amidst of

those human cries

Intervention of the divine

it must have been

Hovering in the sky saviours of peace

were about to be seen.

You relieved me of my pain

And shared the agony

Standing by my side you were then

and it recourse my destiny.

For me you were then you are now

I won't desist you ever that's my vow

Devil calls you the eliminator

Adversaries know you as fear

But I know if today there is peace

That day only were its Saviour.

Angels from heaven saviours of the peace

You are my Army

You are the Indian Army

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