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His Olive Green


I love you, she said

Watching him go

Pain flowing through the eyes

And head held up high.

It was a few years back

He chivalrously asked her out

Smile on her face

And a cute little mischievous pout.

Soon they were man and wife

Full of dreams and life

From one place to another

Happiness flowed like Nile.

A paper filled with ink one day

Got him message of posting far away

He looked proud and affirmed

She didn't let tears come in way.

He called day and night

Making the most of time

For he knew it was a tough fight

Her being alone like a glass without its wine.

"I'll call you back", he said

Another call from him was awaited

Came a call, called her ma'am

She couldn't hear what was communicated.

Two days waiting for his call

The door bell rang

Street full of olive green

At the rear walked military band.

Tricolor on the box, his uniform crisp

His face motionless but still proud

His story was glorious said every eye

A little droplet and unimaginable pride.

She kept calm no word from her

His memories were like a shore

I love you, she said again two years later

Donning the olive green, he once wore.

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