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You Know Where to Find me


When this all is over

And my brothers come back

Getting hugs by their loved ones

You imagine us in them.

When you see my brethren

Bless them for they could came back

To tell the story those who don't know

How few survived and some saw death!

You' ll get a piece of paper

Which I fondly left for you

When one of brothers give you this

Thank him, for he did what he could!

You would find my heart

In those few words for you

Smile, for this is all I ever wished for you

And let me go without any pain and scars.

I'll see you every day with the first light

Filling in the moments that I missed

Breathing every moment with your heart beat

And you'll know where to find me!

The army bid adieu to Capt Tushar Mahajan who was martyred while fighting terrorists in Pampore, Pulwama district of South Kashmir.

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