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Warrior's Pledge


A poem that notes the galore heart and spirit of an Indian Army soldier who is ferociously daring amidst life threatening challenges in Kashmir.


I am the descendant of mighty Bharat

Bharat I was born

And Shall Always be

My head is held high

And I dare to look into the eye

Surrounded by mayhem

Enshrined in serenity

I am furious yet display magnanimity

Sitting on these icy heights

Where body freezes and mind retries

Call of duty invigorates me

And puts even my soul on fire

Unflinched by carnage

But peace is what i desire

This passion of the motherland is propelled

by the faith entrusted upon

Strong will and deep desire to go on and on

The challenges may resist me

But I promise they won't deject me

Victory and glory is only what I admire

Yet peace is what is desire

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