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Unposted Letter

A woman bids goodbye to his brave husband to war, with her heart pounding fast she embraces a fearless calm on her face for she is proud wife of a military soldier. Will the introvert soldier be ever able to communicate what she means to him? or would that be too late!


He had nothing to say

Just looking her talk was what he loved

No wonder he was too much introvert for her

And she was all and everything for him.

And one day he left for field

Wrote letters for her but never posted

She was sad, quiet for he was gone

Only hoping that not for so long.

He told her so much in letters

Only to be read don't know when

All he dreamt was to see her again.

Soon, he would convince himself

So one day he came back

Came back in a box with bullet holes on chest

No one knew he held his heart close

To save it from getting hurt.

She was stunned

Standing at a corner alone

Looking at him and a smile on his face

She knew he kept his promise less one.

Opened the letters with trembling hands

Her eyes were moist

And the heart was filled

For he was everywhere but still nowhere.

Every word had his emotions

Every expression was alive

She could imagine him speak

But this was too much a fight.

He told her when he saw her first

The day they had the first word

The moment when she smiled at him

Instance when she made him confess.

So all of this he held in his heart

Without speaking even a word for years

Just funny was he like a lunatic

Never told her his life was for her.

So she opened the last letter

Smile on her face and tears in eyes

The last message she read and cried again

For he said, "I am yours and you are mine, forever"

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