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Separated Siblings

By Kanika

The poet paints an ideal world of brimming love, peace and harmony or may be the desire of one. While soldiers of Indian Army have shielded motherland with timeless valour, the poet swings with splash of lustful powers and history that divided the two countries.


Sometimes I wonder are my bylanes different than yours

Are my people different than yours.

Is the air that encircles and breathes me is different

than yours.

How different is my Delhi from your Karachi,

How different is my Amritsar from your Lahore,

What happened to us ....

We were two siblings separated by a wicked stepmother

who estranged and embittered us.

The gulf widened by the generation to come.

Didn't they know we were one,

We come from one and We belong to one.

Sometimes hindsight sends me wondering if there

was no hatred, no poison and no distrust.

We could be stronger, reveled into each other and

celebrated one another.

How I wish history could be altered ,how I wish we

could mend our ways,

How I wish we could still be brothers again !!!

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