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By Pankaj


Born from the lap of Vernag thousans of years ago,

Never have I ever ceased to flow.

Witnessing the human history,

Woven like intricate threads of tapestry.

Yes!! The civilization did come and go,

But never would I cease to flow.

Pacing through the mountains I sail

Longing to halt at Baramulla vale.

My soul finds a peace with my pace here,

In this mesmerizing place, I desire to command my veer.

An aura so divine that mystifies the air.

Amazed am I with the diversity so rare.

The bells of temple, the melodies of Azan

And wheels of mani when they roll,

The music merges in my waters and enriches my soul.

The beautiful human smiles and

The formidable spirit of one-ness make me whole.

Wish I could linger here a little longer and admire the beauty,

I would love to live in this city of tranquility,

But ohh here calls the duty.

I have to move on and go,

Because never would I ever cease to flow.

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