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He is the soldier, and a fighting man,

He is the guardian, and I, only a fan.

He is the braveheart, and the most loved in the clan,

He is the inspiration, and I, only a fan.


He is the contemporary, living like a caveman,

Who shows his valour, and moves with a plan.

He guards the frontier, beneath a dim lamp,

He win us the war, and mark his stamp.


He grapples the enemy, but forgets his own self,

He lives with daring spirits, with camaraderie on his shelf.

He beats the nature’s odds, and bring light to others life,

He is the hero in strife, and I, but his lovely wife.


Am not a soldier, not a fighting man,

Not the nation’s guardian, or anyone important.

But yes, in my heart,

I am his greatest fan.


I neither show valour at the front, nor have such plans.

I don’t go to the front, from either flank.

I keep the spirit to protect his ancestors,

And will always take care, of all his successors.


He is the proud hero of all strife, and I,but his lovely wife.

He is the nation’s soldier, and I am the soldier’s life.



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