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Dawn of a New Era

By Prince

There are villages and tehsils located along Line of Control who have faced brunt of unprovoked Pakistan heavy bombardment through years. The apt retaliation to Pakistan illicit intent by Indian Army has bewildered Pak and they have been apologetically targeting Civilians and infrastructure across LOC. The Dawn of New Era speaks of story of sparkling eyes of these most affected regions near LOC who now have started dreaming and glittering with hope. The manifesting socioeconomic development in these regions validate beyond said and unsaid.


Rampur tehsil of Uri district in North Kashmir is connected to Srinagar by NH-44, owing to better communication infrastructure, the areas along NH-44 in Rampur/ Buniyar have seen a steady progress, which has positively impacted life in the area. However, a sizeable population of the tehsil abodes in remote and far flung areas in close vanity the Line of Control, where villages are bereft of developed communication infrastructure and lack of civic amenities, which have been the biggest hurdle in the path of growth.

Pakistan voilates Cease Fire in Rampur, killing civilians.

Rugged mountainous terrain coupled with poor connectivity has been a hurdle in development works reaching to villages away from NH-44. Frequent Cease Fire Violations by the Pakistan Army hampers routine lives of the locals. The point needs no emphasis that socio-economic development and upliftment of the masses hinges upon surface transport connectivity in the region. If the Society is an eco system which has various components that are inter connected pearls of necklace then thread which birds the is undoubtedly the road connectivity.

Earlier everything seemed dull and glooming to the locals of this pristine mountainous region, however 05 Aug 2019 changed everything and indicated dawn of a new era for the locals. The govt agencies and civilian machinery propelled by the enthusiasm infused post abrogation of Article 370, undertook the challenging task of improving the road infrastructure, to improve the connectivity towards NH-44 by means of broadening the existing roads and connecting laterals to far flung areas.

Under the flagship program of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna, measures were undertaken to broaden and improve the condition of existing 10 km of the axis from Boniyar till Kurali village. The endeavor is intended at transforming the existing road into a two way all weather road, capable of taking the rigors of bad weather as well as sustained heavy vehicular traffic, thus connecting the inhabitants of the remote areas to

the facilities available at District Headquarter Baramulla and beyond.

As narrated by one of the elderly locals of a border village Chotali “Jenab in picch deilaquon me zindagi guzarna apne aap me ek dikkatthi. Dawa se lakar bacchonki padhai, sab muskil ho jatatha, shukar hai all ahtalah ka jo usne ye niyaat bakshi aur government ne hamare gharontak sadak pahunchaneki is muhim pe aur zayada ta wajav di”.

The overall happiness quotient graph of the region is assured of taking an upward rise by availability of better accessibility. Improved connectivity will lead to the overall development in areas like education institutes, medical facilities civic amenities and access common villager to new technology that will open up employment options to the local youth as well as will provide impetus to the agri based economy of the area.

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