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indian army vehicle shaktiman one tonner

I've seen the Truck One Ton 4x4 GS Nissan in various avtars, each one more glorious than the other.

Starting with ASMT Bangalore, where we studied it's innards like a cadaver on an autopsy table in anatomy class.....only difference being, we were taught to bring the engine to life, which the doctors can't.

In Towang, Bomdila and Tenga, there were hundreds of them scurrying about, minus the ac fuel pump and a Jerry can mounted for gravity fed petrol supply directly to the "Hitachi - Stromberg, VC 42, atmospherically balanced, down draft Venturi type" carburetor.

Obviously, they were the only vehicles which could give it right back to the rude terrain. Fully loaded, too... Mostly with rosy cheeked Monpa women, on their way to work on the BRO roads.

I once rectified a timing defect in a stranded one ton, by opening and resetting the timing gear chest and distributor (can't find those in the vehicles of today!!!). The hand crank start brought the engine to life with a throaty growl and belches of exhaust, and the twenty odd blocked vehicle occupants raised a cheer and accorded me plaudits second only to the grand Lama of the Tawang Gompa!!!

Ahead of Jaisalmer, we had modified our Wantons by removing the superstructure, adding sand channels on the side, camouflage net folded and chhaguls hanging from the hooks.... and ballooning sand tyres to add to the effect.

We climbed and descended every dhora and dhani, knocked the knuckles and fingered the finger ends of dunes and drove at breakneck speed across dried ponds....until they said "Toba...Toba!!!"

Once while returning to back, we shorted the bend in the road near Pokharan, and descended a dune, to park adjacent to a restaurant where a number of Goras were taking a break.

As we walked in, dusting off our dress, unmasking our faces from the wrapped patkas, and the dust cloud settled around our trusted chariot, the Goras were in awe, and all but applauded us! We could hear their hushed tones, discussing "Desert forces".

I thought we showed them "That's what we call cross country driving, jokers!!"

After we reached Jaipur, we youngsters decided to take a joy ride around town, till the paltan reeled in and sorted out.

That's where we overstretched...... And the engine of the one ton decided to shut up in the middle of Mirza Ismail road. Finally, the vehicle mechanic fetched up, with help, and diagnosed the genetic defect of all one tons..... Carburetor overflow ho gya, Saab.

This was followed by the routine clearing drill with paanna or something.....

But the one ton refused to start. It had made up it's fickle mind on the wrong side..... and insisted that his beloved girlfriend, the recovery, be brought to the location..... and then calmly hooked up with her, following like a puppy!!!

The workshop guys dropped us at our unit location, and when we were trying to push it to the garage, we gave a just in case try at key start. The damn chap sprung to life, roaring with laughter!!!! us, I sometimes think.

The glorious chariots had soul and strength.

May God bless their chassis!!!

Nostalgic and hilarious at the same time

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