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Over the past three decades, the people of J&K have been the unfortunate victims of a proxy war that has pushed them 50 years back. However, Indian Army with a view of building the place together with the Awaam, operates more than 80 centers for community development, training, women's empowerment and youth guidance. The Indian Army, which is carrying out the difficult task of protecting the border and fighting against the terrorism, is also doing a lot to ease the suffering of the people and improve the quality of life of the people, both in urban and rural areas, as well as in extremely remote and inaccessible places. As the Indian Army has always been an example of national integration, secularism, and self-sacrifice, the people-centered initiatives at J&K have been a resounding success. Furthermore, since its soldiers come from all over the country and from all backgrounds, communities and walks of life, it is a true "people's army" , “AWAAM ke liye SADHBHAVNA” and its famous humanistic approach it has created a particularly strong bond between the people of Kashmir and the army.

To help their brothers and sisters in Kashmir, the army conceived the idea of implementing a comprehensive program to meet the basic needs of the community and empower the people, by the people and in the welfare of the people. It was formalized by the government in the 1990s as “Operation Sadhbhavna” and since then the project has benefitted hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris from the weakest and least privileged sections of society. From humble beginnings, the project led by the Indian Army's Northern Command based in Udhampur has now evolved into a multifaceted initiative aimed at truly empowering Kashmiris and not just pamper them. At the beginning of 2020, there was a near-simultaneous change in command of the Indian Army as well as the Northern Command. New Army Commander-in-Chief Naravane and then Northern Army Commander Lt Gen YK Joshi made a de novo campaign against Sadhbhavana by introducing areas of education, skills, and creating priority people as well. Like other youth-focused initiatives. Such as Goodwill Military Schools in Kashmir that provide quality education at a reasonable cost to children in remote areas where educational facilities are non-existent or rudimentary, Activities of more than 80 centers of community development, training, women's empowerment and youth guidance. Performing visit outside Kashmir to raise awareness about residents. Conducting regular medical and veterinary camps in remote areas. Start the initiative of employment organizations. Interests on extracurricular activities and pursuing talent organizing events

Where young people can prove their talents and own music, art and sports.

These new initiatives are now part of Sadhbhavana. The military shows that tides are transformed to support the progress and achievements of young people. Today, students from financially weak backgrounds have been given a media to study at good schools run by the military and are at par with Elite schools of the region. In addition to very competent teachers, these goodwill schools are equipped with modern teaching support, such as digital classes, modern laboratories, good forced library and provide excellent sporting floor for budding sportsmen. To empower young Kashmiri people, the Indian military has established skill training centres in many locations where specialized training in different fields is based on professional qualifications and benefits. In addition, the military also signed a contract with companies called Tata Motors to train Kashmiri youth. As game changing tool, the military has participated in an exclusive program to prepare meritorious students for IIT and other technical entry tests like one Part of the "Super 30`" program in collaboration with the Centre for Social Responsibility and Leadership, while Hindustan Petroleum Ltd has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indian army for "Kashmir Super 30 (Health)" Programme. The results are really encouraging. Substance abuse among young people is a major concern in the Kashmir Valley and to counter this threat, the military has set up a homicide counselling centre along with civil administration, focused on the harmful effects of substance abuse.

Women's empowerment through education, awareness raising, and skills development is one of the most important goals. The Army has created a self-help group to help women by providing them with skill training, sewing and knitting machines and the procurement and operation of raw materials so that they can sell their finished products and make money. In the field of sports, Kashmiri women won the gold medal in the under eighteen history category and Ms. Tajamul Islam, have gained national and international fame is one such example of what can be achieved with support of the military including her win at the Kickboxing World Championship (2016) in Andria, Italy. Now is the time to revive the concept of Kashmiriyat, which is so much incorporated into its own philosophy that it is a paragon for the Indian army. Therefore, Kashmiri leaders, intellectuals and the Army are turning milestones and reaching new heights. The goal here is together the AWAAM and the ARMY hand in hand getting Kashmir back to its glory days and making Kashmir a jewel in India’s crown.

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