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Sports plays a vital role in ensuring good physical health and well being of people. It is a major contributing factor for all round development of youth and provides them a platform to achieve name, fame and glory. Sports provides equal opportunity to both genders for achieving success in their sports career and earning laurels for themselves, society and the country. A sports person gets a hero’s status in the society for his shinning performance. During the last two decades sports as a career has received lots of popularity in our country and it is likely to get further more recognition in the time to come.

During last couple of years, games and sports has received lot of promotion in Jammu & Kashmir. Youth of any society are its most important human resource since the main responsibility to carry the society lies on their shoulders. The energy of youth has to be channelised towards creative performance which brings self-confidence and instils sense of achievement and responsibility in them. The main purpose of promotion of sports is to develop the youth into a cohesive, organised, skilful and resourceful workforce which can meaningfully contribute to rebuilding and development of society. If the energy of youth is not channelised in a positive direction then it may move in unwanted direction. Thus, the importance of games and sports is all the more significant in the state of Jammu and Kashmir for prevention of radicalisation of the youth.

Security Forces has played a vital role in providing a suitable sports platform for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir. Almost every Panchayat in a district has a youth club where sports facilities are being provided. “White Knight Cricket Premier League” and “Kashmir Premier League” have received great popularity amongst the people of Jammu and Kashmir division of Union Territory in the in the last two years. The response from young people has been over whelming from all parts of the society. Youth from Kashmir have earned medals at various national and international platform and the motivation level is getting higher and higher with time. The financial awards and social popularity associated with sports is attracting more and more youth and providing them with a better and healthy way of life.

There is a need for the civil administration to keep encouraging the sports person and sports activities at the grass root level so that more and more youth join the sports avenue. Side by side there is a further need to ensure that sports activities are conducted impartially and with transparency so that deserving and genuine sports persons are recognised and prosper. Corruption and nepotism has been reported against many sports bodies in the country and the state machinery needs to take all the precaution against this malpractice. As many as 44 sports activities have been recognised i and the govt has assured to provide various job opportunities to persons who excel in these sports. It is a big incentive for budding sports persons to do well in their field. Let us hope that more such schemes are taken up by the Govt machinery in future and more youth is benefited by taking up sports as a career also bringing a drastic change both physical and mental health in the valley which had been disturb since decades due to the unrest created by in-conducive environment induced by our neighbouring country Pak.

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