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Ode in Solitude

Binay Ranjan

An Indian Army soldier somewhere in snow clad mountains of Kashmir far away from hustle bustle of civilisation, dwells in queer in solitude. A valour camouflaged until to unleash hell on desperado that threaten his motherland.


With summit in sight,

I knew I will make a flight,

Snow piling up slowly

Got into mountain gear coyly,

Adrenaline in my veins unplugged,

Began my climb un-bugged.

Olive Green life a quaint but different paradigm,

With pickaxe & spikes began the climb,

Heights smiled from far away,

Each step goes closer to spiritual gateway,

Ebullient but puerile thrills that made me shout,

Ice forming on hood like glacial snout.

I dare not turn around and look,

Another spike, another hook,

I know, it for all sounds a bit corny,

The crest whispers to continue the journey,

Will I miss the bliss if I stop to rest?

As adrenaline burns deep inside my chest.

I tug the tent in the snow,

As there is lot more to go,

On reaching the summit I did cry,

A frozen liquid fell off the sky,

As clouds cleared the summit,

Oh God! The pinnacle stood a hermit.

I regained my numb mind,

Absolute divinity it got me find.

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