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Mother of The Valley


The poet draws the imagination from eyes of a soldier whom he met while on one of his wanderlust to Kashmir mountains. The vivid impression is replicated into poetic rhythm by Pankaj that leaves you spellbound and wonder if a soldier from a Marathi descendant can find mother in soil and breeze of Kashmir !


She is the breeze and the storm is she,

the sparkling waters and the tide in the sea.

Endure did she an epoch of worse,

woken she has to break the curse.

Agony of seeing her flesh and blood part,

has evoked a rebel in her heart.

fishing in lake in Kashmir valley
Photo By Kartik

Her soul is now weary,

her eyes even more teary.

She has seen everything crumble,

determined she not to tumble.

The cradle she rocked, she pledges to shield

never to terror will she yield.

Never would she let her son wade through bloody waters,

She desires a rosy future for her daughters.

Pernicious wishes of assassins be redundant,

she hopes for peace and prosperity in abundance.

The moment is here, the women of the Valley has rouse to light,

to liberate her generations from shackles of this plight.

She can’t be ruled and ought not tied,

to her determination the cosmic abide.

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Priya Dharshini
Priya Dharshini
Sep 16, 2020

Very nice lyrics...

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