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Soldiers-in-Building: Super 30

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Children of today are soldiers of tomorrow. Not necessarily all soldiers guard the sovereignty of their country with canons and batons, some do with technology and vision.They make the economy flourish, build savvy infrastructures and trickle down effects uplift the country happy index.I was ecstatic to see the initiative for children by Indian Army in Kashmir Valley , they call it "Super 30" ,I call it Soldiers-in-Building - the India of tomorrow.When I asked Major Shubham(name changed) about the multi facet reach of the initiative, his response clearly embedded the dedication and sheer enthusiasm. Major Shubham is the part of the team that is behind execution of Super 30 initiative that provisions exclusive coaching, study material and guidance to enable students crack top engineering colleges of India.

He glanced at the brim of the side window that let the stark sunshine in ,clears his throat , "Success of Kashmir Super-30 is reflected in the achievements of the students, who have transformed their lives and that of their families by achieving great success in their academic career. Mr Mudasir Habib, a resident of Nowgaon, Budgam, is one such example. Born in a home with limited means and financial challenges of his parents, Mr Habib Ullah and Mrs Dilshada Bano, Mudasir even as a child had an academic bent of mind and had always dreamt of becoming an engineer."

The turning point in Mudasir Habib’s life came in the year 2013, when he not only scored 90% in his higher secondary board examination, but also cleared the entrance examination of Kashmir Super-30 and enrolled in 2013-14 batch. Through his sheer determination and hard work, coupled with the guidance of the faculty at Kashmir Super-30 and the secure environment as well as administrative support provided by the Chinar Corps of Indian Army, Mudasir Habib cleared the JEE Examination in 2014 and got admission in NIT, Srinagar.Continuing his hard work and dedication, Mudasir Habib did exceedingly well at NIT, Srinagar and was placed with Wipro India through campus selection in July 2018. Mudasir Habib’s story narrates stoic determination and bubbling talent of youth of the valley, achieving greater heights and shining with flying colors in their career, by virtue of provision of requisite infrastructure and support by Chinar Corps.

Major adds "He has not only brought recognition to his family and village, but also inspired many budding talents across the valley to follow their dreams by overcoming hardships and succeeding against all odds. Chinar Corps is dedicated and leaving no stone unturned in enabling the youth of the valley in all their endeavors and constructive footsteps".

Surely Major, keep up the Josh !

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