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A Soldier's Bout



The line is intact

So are the defences.

The borders are porous, they said

Not in his vigil that he kept.

Day and night

Through hail and snow

Stood there in the freezing cold

Smile, only to show.

He called home once

While the pandemic swept land.

His emotions played tunes

But never let the situations out of hand,

Come rain, land is dry

Mind is yet still

While the emotions cry,

But none to break the will.

Sun is down

Friendly night is up, again

Wind troubles the trees

And sentry alert, again.

On the forward slope

Terrain, somewhere lust and bit empty

While eyes play with the mind

Bino keep the hands hefty

Today someone stands

Between the two sides.

Securing what lays within

‘A Belief of his land.’

You don’t ask him twice

A soldier doesn’t like doubts.

Once and for all,

That’s how he fights life’s bouts.

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